Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Review of LifeHacker
      The overall purpose of this site is to give users simple and effective ways of controlling their life. The purpose of this specific article is to instruct people on how to use their computers more comfortably over long periods of time.
     The intended audience of the site is anyone with problems in daily life. The intended audience of this specific article is people who use their computers for long periods of time, and experience discomfort because they have to position themselves around the keyboard and computer screen. I believe that this site definitely reaches its audience. If this type of information is what you are looking for, then it is easy to find this website. This site was actually quite useful to me. I found several quick easy solutions to some minor frustrations in my life. I would also be willing to recommend this site to others.

     The colors of this website are very simple and easy to see. It has a plain white background, with black text, and a simple font. There is nothing too fancy or complicated. The images were all on topic to what the posts were about, and the links were in a contrasting green for easy navigation. The color use overall made the site much easier on the eyes than other similar sites, and it also allowed much an easier navigation.


  1. It has been my experience that Lifehacker tends to hype the mobile apps and desktop software. Of course, they are entirely funded by advertising, so I suppose you have to take advice they give involving purchasing a good or service with a grain of salt.

  2. thanks for nice article.