Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JavaJam Assignment for Web Dev. Class

Chapter 5: JavaJam

1.           Examine the site map in Figure 2.26. What type of site organization is used for
the JavaJam Web site? Is it the most appropriate organization for the site? Why
or why not?

Figure 2.26
The JavaJam Web site uses hierarchical organization as its type. It is the most appropriate organization because hierarchical organization offers the easiest to navigate website when using a small number of webpages. It is best used when there is a home page and several (5-9) topic pages.

2.          Review the recommended Web page design practices from this chapter. Use the
Web Design Best Practices Checklist (Table 5.1) to evaluate the JavaJam site that
you created in earlier chapters. Cite three design practices that have been well
implemented. Cite three design practices that could be implemented in a better
way. How else would you improve the Web site?

               Design Practices that have been well implemented:
  1. Consistent site header/logo -------------------------------[x]
  2. Consistent navigation area --------------------------------[x]
  3. Color has good contrast with associated text --------------[x]
               Design Practices that could have been implemented in a better way
  1. All navigation hyperlinks work: There is not a page for the "Jobs" link yet.
  2. Page footer area - copyright, last update, contact e-mail address: Does not include the last update.
  3. Content provides links to other useful sites: There are no links to external sites.


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