Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Focus On Web Design (page 344)

  Focus On Web Design (page 344)
  1. What is the URL of the Web site?
  2. Does this page use tables? If so, for what purpose—page layout, organization of
    information, or another reason?
  3. Does this page use CSS? If so, for what purpose—page layout, text and color configuration, or another reason?
  4. Is this page appealing or unappealing? List three reasons for your answer.
  5. If this page is unappealing, what would you do to improve it? 
  1.  http://www.vimeo.com/
  2. Yes, Vimeo uses tables for page layout.
  3. This page uses CSS for page layout, text configuration, and color configuration. 
  4. This page is appealing because:  It has a good contrast; It has easy navigation; All of the important items are "above the fold". 
  5.  This page is appealing, and not unappealing.
  1.  http://www.shmarketing.co.uk/
  2. This page does not use tables.
  3. This page is Flash based. 
  4. This page is unappealing because: The navigation is really bad. It's "navigation" area is a series of circles arranged randomly on the left of the screen, mixed in with other similar circles that are not links at all, and nothing is labeled; The entire page only takes up about one half of the space above the fold; The contrast is mediocre at best. It has white text on a white and purple background and most of the items are jumbled together. 
  5. To improve this page, I would label the navigation links, remove the extra circles around them, improve the overall contrast (by changing the colors around and spacing out the page), and make the whole page slightly larger.


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